Worksheets for guitarists do exist beyond music theory and pages of chord charts with scales you have to memorize.

If you’re a songwriter, you’re always looking for an edge – worksheets are a great way to help hone your skills, find some quick wins when writing, and keep you focused on the process of writing.

While there are a number that just aren’t helpful, Tom Slatter of Songwright has some nice songwriting worksheets and tips on his blog.

I’ve also included a few from other sources like Gibson Guitar (full disclosure – I own a few).


#1  10 Tips For The Songwriting Guitarist


#2  Chord Diary

Helps guitarists track the strange chords you come up with that may be a little off standard. It also allows for logging chords that have been working well for you.


#3  Chord Progression Chart

Gives you a baseline of keys so you have a chord map when you’re writing songs on the guitar.


#4  5 Handy Alternate Tuning For Guitar

Gives you some starters if you’re interested in using alternate tunings to add some variety to your songs.


#5  Country Song Guitar Chords

Chord starters for guitarists interested in creating country songs with some standard progressions.


#6  4 Best Pop Song Chord Progressions

Chord starters for guitarists interested in creating pop songs with standard progressions.


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