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Jason Blume: Songwriter Profile

Jason Blume: Songwriter Profile


Jason Blume has written a number of hit songs and is known to most songwriters as the guy who took songwriting out of the darkness and into the light with several books on the topic. He’s had several pop and country hits as well as placements on television and in movies – so he’s done it all!


Highlights from interview with Doak Turner


On his new book Getting to the Heart of Creativity – “I am hoping that the book shows that the invisible wall that we think separates us from success is not real.”


On co-writing – “One day I was writing with the hit songwriter Skip Ewing, and I was nervous because he is so talented. What helped me was I knew I had brought in a fantastic idea to the writing session. I think that is the key because every songwriter wants to “write up” or write a song with a more successful songwriter.”


Example of a fresh way to look at a topic – “There has to be that slightly new angle. Something about it that is fresh. Two examples that come to me are: “My Front Porch Looking In” – that has got to be one of the best, one of the finest crafted songs I’ve ever heard, in terms of the detail. But what makes it special is that the concept is very fresh. It’s not “I’m in love,” or “My life’s terrific,” or “I’m grateful,” or “I’m blessed.”

All of those things are the average, predictable way to say it. The unique way to say it was, “I’ve seen so many beautiful things in this world, but the MOST beautiful thing I’ve ever seen is the view from my front porch looking in.” To me, that is totally fresh, totally wow — and something that millions of people could relate to in a song.”


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