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Song Plugging: What Is It?

Song Plugging: What Is It?

There’s a great overview of song plugging and song pluggers on entitled “The Five Key Steps to Song Plugging,” which is also available as a downloadable PDF on Penny Dionne’s web site Songplugger Info. Select the link in the upper left side of the page.

“The Five Key Steps” describes the basics of song plugging based on a book written by Penny Dionne and Troy McConnell called Songplugger: The Cuts and The Bruises. Both have been in the business for quite some time, and provide insight into one of Nashville’s core music business components – the songplugger. The book is out of print, but can be ordered directly from Penny Dionne’s web site, where you can also view a sample section, or you may be able to find it in a used book store.

If you’re writing songs to generate income, particularly if you plan on writing for others, it’s important to know the life cycle of your song so you can market it properly and guide it down the most appropriate path. Understanding how others are a part of the chain is key to being successful.

For lack of a better description, songpluggers are in sales. They are selling products to artists and labels looking for songs, which they in turn market for company revenue and hopefully, profits. Sellers want the best products to sell – always. They want something that gives them an edge, or differentiates them from others – ultimately helping make the sale easier due to the clear strength of their product versus others.

As a songwriter, you have to keep this in mind. If your goal is to sell your songs to others, your product must be valuable to someone else as a solution for their customers within the product mix they represent.

By understanding the life of a songplugger, you can cut down on things that may make a sale harder for them, develop songs targeting a specific artist because you know the brand identify they seek to achieve, or simply make the process easier by understanding how their role fits into the chain.

I would encourage you to try and pick up a copy of the book and begin your path to success.

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