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NPR Project Song: Georgie James

NPR Project Song: Georgie James

Project Song documents the songwriting process over the course of two days.

All songs created as part of the project are based on an image (usually a photograph), and a word.

Interesting to see the process happen with these kinds of starters, and a great way to create an exercise for yourself!

Georgie James reminds me of the duo Sun-60. While the co-writing process is interesting to watch, the more interesting part is where they start (i.e., what they think they’ll have) vs. where they end up (i.e., where the process took them). Two different things – which is what songwriting is all about!

I love how they go back to their influences, and experiment with different approaches, which helps them eventually “guide” it rather than force it. And they have fun.

This is a great exercise for any songwriter. Have a blank sheet of paper in front of you? Try some photos and a few phrases. Give yourself a time limit, and go!


Georgie James Project Song



  1. Hey Elliott – thanks for stopping by. you can find more Project song videos on NPR’s site at the following link:

  2. Love this! I’m going to have to come back to this later when I have more time, to watch the video… Where can I find more info about Project Song?

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