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NPR Project Song: Nellie McKay

NPR Project Song: Nellie McKay

Yes – songwriting often involves a cell phone in hour 20!

Project Song documents the songwriting process over the course of two days.

All songs created as part of the project are based on an image (usually a photograph), and a word.

Interesting to see the process happen with these kinds of starters, and a great way to create an exercise for yourself!

This one’s a bit eclectic, but the process is always interesting.

Recently she’s been involved in a number of causes, often creating songs for the specific purpose of not only raising awareness, but money for a organizations.

She’s also done a TED talk (2008) paying homage to her dog, but you may recognize Nellie McKay from The View where she talked about her album ‘Get Away From Me’ back in 2004 (she was 19 at the time).

Great voice and very witty. Enjoy!


Nellie McKay Project Song


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