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Song Key Conversion Site


There are a few sites on the web that allow you to either copy and paste the chords, or find the song in their library, then select the key you’d like it in. has a pretty nice repository of songs, with lyrics, guitar tab, and neat little sidebar item that lets you change the key of a song by semitone. The user interface is clunky, but overall, it’s very handy if you’re trying to transpose a song or just understand how the chord structure works with the lyrics.

Logue Music Services is a copy and paste site.

chord conversion chordie

You can always go with the traditional approach of simply finding the key and transposing yourself using a stand conversion chart.

Ultimate Guitar Tab is a paid service, but does have a free trial so you can play with it a bit. I do have a subscription and use it on my iPad, iPhone and online.

Ultimate Guitar is best used as an app on your iPad since the mobile optimization is poor. If you play out frequently it might be a handy tool for you. Key Conversion Plus


On Chordie you’ll find all kinds of music, even one of my favorite songwriters, Nanci Griffith. This can’t be said for all services, including paid services. For example, Guitar Tabs rarely has Americana songs and tends to rely on the charts for their overall catalogue.


Key Conversion Caution!


Almost all of these sites and tools rely on user-uploaded songs, so the tab and lyrics could be incorrect in places, so careful if it says “monkey,” but “funky” would actually make more sense. And, the chords may not sound exactly right to you when you start playing it. Songs that are capoed up by the original artist rarely end up being converted to tab properly.


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