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Guy Clark’s “My Favorite Picture Of You”

Guy Clark’s “My Favorite Picture Of You”

Guy Clark has been writing for years and goes back to the early days of hanging out with Townes Van Zandt.

Who better to answer the age-old question “where do songs come from” than with an example?

Song starts are pretty interesting most of the time.  And I love to dig around and find out how someone came up with an idea, then turned it into a great song.

For me, from idea to completion is always a helpful insight. It gives you a sense of how others, and in this particular case Guy Clark, use their own personal roadmap to create unique songs. As a songwriter working on the craft, it’s a great way to find your own compass.

And while Guy Clark doesn’t give up the silver bullet, he does reveal the inspiration for “My Favorite Picture Of You” and sings through the tune to give you an idea of the full process.


Guy Clark on “My Favorite Picture Of You”



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