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Courteous Songwriter Forums?

Courteous Songwriter Forums?

Songwriter Forums Can Help

There are some great places on the web to find people who also write.  Sometimes the hardest thing to do is find a place where the song forums are about a positive outcome: where there is encouragement and real feedback that helps you grow as a writer. Fear not – they’re out there!


Free Songwriter Forums


Be warned, you often get what you pay for! If you’re looking for solid feedback that will help you grow in your songwriting skills with a focus on the song craft, free is often not your best venue. However, it can help give you ideas and by posting critiques back, grow your feedback skills as well.

You’ll have to sift through a lot of promotional copy on this site, but there are some nuggets. The newsletter is more like a giant stream of solicitations, but contains a few good articles.

The forums are used consistently by members of the site, and the rule is to be constructive and courteous with any lyric or song critiques. Topics include: critiques, instrumentals, performing, recording, DIY music publishing and the business of music.

The members only lyric forum is your best bet on this site for solid, constructive critiques limited to a few individuals who give thoughtful, constructive feedback.

The public forum is fine, but does tend to have quite a few in draft form with profanity or themes that are a little dark for me. Genres are across the board, and posts are frequent.

BMI’s site offers Songwriter 101 articles and forums for lyrics and music production, collaboration and the business side. The feedback is generally solid around song craft, with several individuals being dedicated posters and commentors to the site.


Paid Or Freemium Sites/Organizations


Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI)

I am a member, a co-coordinator in Houston, and use their services regularly.

As a member, you receive 12 song evaluations a year from a pro working in the music industry. The evaluators are across genres, and you can choose your evaluator based on the profiles on their site.

Evaluators are different, but the feedback is tailored to whether you’re trying to just create a good song for yourself, or a commercial song to pitch to industry professionals. Feedback is always constructive, and focused on the song craft. You also receive one-on-one mentoring and access to a video library as part of your membership, so not being in Nashville doesn’t mean you have reduced membership benefits!

Yes – that was a pitch, but NSAI is a great online service and organization that can help you connect with local writers via their chapters. There’s nothing better than song evaluations done with pals over beers in a friendly environment – some days the internet just isn’t the answer!



While it might not seem like something you would go to, this forum has rules and they stick with them.

It’s pretty devoid of spam and everyone on it, for the most part, is there to help vs. sell you something.

I usually jump in and offer tips if someone’s asking a “how do I get started” or “what the heck is X” question, but many post lyrics and ask for feedback.

As with all feedback, it’s a free forum, so take it with a grain of salt.



Purchased from NSAI by a small group of individuals, this is a paid membership web site if you want to receive ongoing critiques at an individual level. You can join for free, but have limited access and abilities. The forums most frequented are the Writers Room, Songwriting and Lyric Lounge for completed songs. Feedback is constructive and more focused on song craft tips rather than the “great job” comments you find on most other forums.



I am not a member.

The guys at SongTown have moved beyond their SongTownUSA Facebook and launched a site with membership opportunities.  I’ve only taken a brief look around, so don’t really have a sense of the value proposition given the price point – yet. But will be considering it as part of my 2015 edutainment budget.

At $600 for an annual membership with full benefits, it seems a bit steep if you’re not living in Nashville, but Marty Dodson and Clay Mills are good mentors to have, so the lower priced $162/year or $14.99/month rates may be a good starting point for you.


Music Industry Blueprint (MIB)

This site isn’t necessarily a songwriting feedback forum, but it is a great place for knowledge on the business side of your music career path, so worth mentioning.

If you’re looking for music industry insider information and coaching, this is the site for you, especially if you’re a performing singer/songwriter.

While I’m not a member, I have heard Rick Barker speak.  He is a consummate marketer and understanding the power of an individuals personal brand, how to connect with your core audience, and ways to better engage with your target market.

Yes – all business speak, but at the end of the day, songs are products being positioned for consuming audiences!


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