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2013 John Lennon Songwriting Contest Winners

The John Lennon Songwriting Contest attracts a steady flow of great songs across twelve categories. considered one of the country’s best songwriting competitions, it usually has some strong songwriters with some great songs across a wide array of genres.

2013 Session II Grand Prize Winners


john lennon songwriting contest winner helen austin Helen Austin is a Juno Award winner for her album ‘Colour It’. A former music comedian in London, she makes her home in Vancouver Island Canada. Paul Otten is the first recipient of the John Braheny Songwriting Award!
'Kiss Me To The Moon'
Songwriter: Carol Khaouli (AKA Carol Kay)
 Resides in Nashville TN by way of Toronto ON. Owns Pretty Young Thing Studios (PYT Studios) a budget-friendly studio for songwriters and musicians.
'Missed Out'
Songwriter: Daniel Mehrmann & Kara Baldus
Hails From: New Athens IL
'Your Footprints'
Songwriter: Michelle Lockey
Hails From: Germantown MD
Songwriter: Eric Zayne
Hails From: Los Angeles CA
'The Colorado'
Songwriter: Wildcat Apollo
Hails From: Brooklyn NY
'No Shade Of Grey'
Songwriter: Robert Marino
Hails From: Yorktown Heights NY
'I've never Seen It'
Songwriter: Clifton Williams
Hails From: Boston MA
'Beautiful Disaster'
Songwriter: Cullen Flynn
Hails From: Medford MA
'Cool Cool Water'
Songwriter: Denielle Bassels
Hails From: Toronto, ON Canada
'El Karma'
Songwriter: Pedro Rock & Orlando Vitto
Hails From: Miami Beach FL
Songwriter: Richard Gannaway
Hails From: Asheville NC

Enter the John Lennon Songwriting Contest!


Session I is now open for entries. Deadline is June 15, 2014.


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