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I May Hate Myself In The Morning: Written For A Guy?

I May Hate Myself In The Morning: Written For A Guy?

Odie Blackmon‘s “I May Hate Myself In The Morning” was originally written for him to perform.  Being a guy and all, it didn’t occur to him that a woman might be the person to bring it to the radio.

The song’s inspiration musically was Jesse Winchester, who Blackmon had seen at a recent concert, and lyrically by his neighbor.  She was a young woman he’d been having an on again, off again, then really off relationship with – their duplex walls connected.  Front doors no doubt had the awkward “good morning’s” when they both left at the same time.

He wrote the song quickly (yes – one of those that just comes out) and ended up playing it for a friend.

Released in October 2004 on Lee Ann Womack’s album ‘There’s More Where That Came From’ it went on to become a Top 10 Country hit.


Odie Blackmon Interview – I May Hate Myself In The Morning

Great interview with Bart Herbison, Executive Director of Nashville Songwriter’s Association International (NSAI) as part of a partnership with The Tennessean.  Each week they feature songwriter interviews.


I May Hate Myself In The Morning – Lee Ann Womack



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