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Songwriting Contracts

Songwriting Contracts

Having agreements and contracts in place is important, but often overwhelming, especially if all you want to do it write songs.

But – you need to protect your work.

Below are some compiled links to agreement templates, sample contracts, the U.S. copyright office, the Songwriters Guild and more to make sure you’ve got a single location to check for legal mumbo jumbo things.

As always – never sign anything without reading it, and the below isn’t legal advice – it’s a resource. Consult an attorney as needed.


Overview of Songwriting Contracts

#1  Overview of Songwriting Contracts From NSAI

Powerpoint covering types of songwriter agreements, contracts, rights and royalties, arbitration, PROs and more.


#2  ASCAP Overview of Songwriter Contract Types


Sample Songwriter Contracts

Keep in mind, these are for education purposes only. Always consult an attorney when creating or signing an agreement.


#1  Collaboration Agreement with split percentages [download available]


#2  Exclusive Songwriter Agreement


#3  Co-Publishing Agreement


#4  Publishing Administration Agreement


#5  Mechanical License


#6  Become Familiar With Other Types



#1  eCopyright – Register your songs to protect them


#2  Tips To Saving On Copyright Registration


#3  Circular 50: Copyright Registration For Musical Compositions (


#4  Copyright and PRO Registration


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