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Start With Something That's True

How To Write A Song

How To Write A Song

How do the pros write a good song?

What if you’re not a pro? How do you write a song?

Well, if you’re new to songwriting, this post should help you get started with:

A.  The basics of songwriting

B.  Worksheets & exercises to keep your learning path alive

C.  A book list to help you grow your skills

BONUS: Songwriting Toolkit to help you get started with the right basic tools for your songwriting.


The songwriting starter kit includes information on song structure, rhyming tips, worksheets to move your first song forward, as well as exercises and books to help you grow your song craft skills over time.


Most Important Step

Stay grounded in what is YOU.

If you learn how to write a song, you can always create something that’s commercial and appeals to a larger audience. Work on your craft first by writing about something that resonates with you vs. trying to “create a hit.”

It has to be real to connect with others. Learn by starting there.


Getting Started With Your Songwriting

Rhyme Families: Your Secret Weapon  Explains how to use the rhyming dictionary and finding close rhymes to give yourself more options.

What’s A Song Verse For?  Quick overview of the role of a verse in a song

What’s A Song Chorus For?  Quick overview of the role of a chorus in a song

What’s A Song Bridge For?  Quick overview of the role of a bridge in a song and when to use one

Song Parts   What are they in a simple overview

Song Elements Overview  Summary of song parts with links to other material on the site

Song Structure Made Easy   Video that gives an auditory overview of what the different song parts should sound like.

Master Class: Melody & Lyrics Work Together  How to ensure your melody and lyrics fit as a cohesive unit in your song

What’s A Simile?  How to tell a simile from a metaphor and create strong figurative language in your songs

What’s A Metaphor?  Types of metaphors and when/how to use them in a song

What’s A Song Hook?  Basics of a song hook as well as placement suggestions for placement to make it stand out

How To Write A Song: Worksheets & Exercises

Song Outline Worksheet

Song Idea & Rhyming Worksheet

Easy Guitar Keys & Conversion Chart

All Songwriting Worksheets

All Songwriting Exercises

Book Lists From Beginner To Advanced

10 Songwriting Books You Need To Own

7 Books: Songwriters On Songwriting

6 Essential Songwriting Books On Melody

6 Essential Songwriting Books On Rhyming

Songwriter Rhyming Dictionary

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