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Story Behind “Jesus Take The Wheel”

Story Behind “Jesus Take The Wheel”

Written by Brett James, Hillary Lindsey and Gordie Sampson, “Jesus Take The Wheel” started out as a: What? Pass! moment in a co-writing session.  Just goes to show you, some great songs start out in the dust bin!

Gordie Sampson threw the idea out to the group during one of their writing sessions and got a few laughs, a few digs about it not making sense, and they moved on.

After going through several ideas, they ended up back at the idea Gordie had originally mentioned – When Jesus Takes The Wheel.

They talked about what the song would be about and started pulling from some personal histories; both Brett James and Gordie Sampson’s relatives had car accidents, which led to the germination of the core story – a young woman driving to Cincinnati.


Hillary Lindsey “Jesus Take The Wheel”



Carrie Underwood “Jesus Take The Wheel”



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