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Online Song Prompts

Online Song Prompts

Need more song prompts, or looking for ways to create song prompts on the fly?

There are a number of online song prompts available including sites and random generators.

We’ve aggregated several into a handy post so you’ve got them at the ready!


Online Song Prompts (Lists)


Reddit Songwriting Prompts

A pretty big list of good prompts ranging from specific situations to generalized prompts like “write about what you see when you wake up”


Real Women Real Songs

Get a song prompt a week! This is a project started by Cary Cooper to encourage writing by women. It’s a youtube channel 22 women post to each week based on a song prompt.  A great way to keep your writing skills sharp.


Writer’s Digest Song Prompts

List created by folks on their site there are quite a few to choose from.


Random Online Song Prompts (Generators)


Plot Spline

Pretty basic, Plot Spline randomly creates a tense, timeframe and location (plot) for a song with the click of a button. Nothing to enter, just click for something new.


ModPlug Title Generator

This one is truly random with the titles often being nonsense, but for a few clicks worth of time, you may come up with something that’s usable. Also a “nothing to enter” tool – just click “Song Title” to generate.


Story Starter

Click a button and you’ll get a randomly generated sentence.  You may come across a piece of something that spurs and idea.


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