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Behind The Song “This Is The Last Night”

Behind The Song “This Is The Last Night”

The great thing about songwriting is the creation of something from nothing.  Everyone who does it just made something that’s now new to the world – it never existed before that moment – pretty cool!

So what started it? An idea, a phrase, someone else, a moment in their lives . . . I love hearing those genesis stories. I thought I’d add stories from my own songs.

This one’s been picked up to pitch to an artist – four years after I originally wrote it.

Moral, don’t give up on a song. If it fits an artist and sounds contemporary, it’s still a good song in your inventory.


Story Behind The Song: “This Is The Last Night”


This song started out as a  songwriting exercise. Really, I swear! Exercise #4 Song Vamp.

I really love Brandy Clark’s “You Can Come Over” – the lyrics are so good, and the chord progression/melody is pretty cool as well. The first verse starts with the same chord the intro ends on. I kept that “device,” then I wrote down the chord progression and just started with a line I had in my notebook.

I made a decision early that I wanted to write a song that restricted itself to a scene that happens within a 10 or 15 minute window. No leaping through time, just an intense focus on the “now” of the thing.

I chose ten minutes I thought would be universal: the moment you know everything has changed. We’ve all experienced it. You hope you’re wrong, almost talk yourself into it, then something confirms it for you.

For the “I know” part – I was trying to come up with something insightful, so just said what I was thinking as a placeholder. I thought it worked, and the trailing off of the repeated word just made it sound more compelling – as if each time the speaker was a little more accepting of it, so I kept it.


The Feedback Process


As an NSAI member, I use both the national services and the meeting my local chapter has to get feedback on my songs.

At the monthly Houston NSAI chapter meeting I played the song and got some interesting feedback. While I thought it was done, there was something that popped up, almost casually during the commenting.

The hook was originally  “this is the last time.” Someone asked the question – “the last time for what – it’s just a little confusing?” While at the time everyone in the group explained it for me, and so it didn’t seem significant at the time, it stuck with me. By the weekend, I’d changed the hook to “this is the last night.”


If someone asks you to clarify something, you should re-look at how you’re saying it.

And to get the most insight from others, don’t explain a song when getting feedback.

Explaining means reducing your chances of getting questions. Not helpful in the long run for your song!


The Final Song


Songwriter:  Linda A. Schaible

Demo Singer:  Jason Eustice  – a super nice guy who is making it happen for himself in Nashville.  He made the demo all about the song!  You’ve got to love that!



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