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Song Start: “She Don’t Love You”

Song Start: “She Don’t Love You”

Written by Eric Paslay and Jennifer Wayne, John Wayne’s granddaughter, the song was originally being written for George Strait.

It’s a straight up, old school country ballad – you can hear George Jones singing it.

This song is a great example of writing a song that has all the points-of-view in it: direct address “you”, third person “she”and first person “I” but still maintains a direct address, conversational style.

Notice how the writers “give away” the hook early.

You’re often told to avoid this kind of thing, but for this song, it works. As a ballad, the key phrase of the song doesn’t fly by, so putting it in early actually sets up this entire song.

If the writers hadn’t done it this way, they probably would have ended up with a girl and guy in a bar looking at one another¬†scene. Pretty common and not very interesting.

This song start works much better because it’s unique and immediately draws you in with a great line!


Eric Paslay: “She Don’t Love You”



“She Don’t Love You” Lyrics



She don’t love you, she’s just lonely
She wasn’t once upon a time
She used to dance when the band played
She used to be the trustin’ kind



She’s no stranger to the leaving
She’s heard all the best goodbyes
Fallin’ has a different meaning
To her, you’re just another guy


She don’t love you, she’s just lonely
She don’t know another way
To break free from what’s been broken
Too many cowboys roll away
So, forgive her if she’s distant
She can’t tell her heart to lie, no
You’ll never be her one and only
She don’t love you, she’s just lonely



You can hold her in the moonlight
You can give her all the stars
You can promise her forever
But you’ll never have her heart



She don’t love you
She don’t love you, she’s just lonely
She wasn’t once upon a time
I remember her in the sunlight
I remember her when she was mine


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