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6 Tips To Make Your Songs More Commercial

6 Tips To Make Your Songs More Commercial

Guest Post By Brent Baxter


If your goals are like mine – getting cuts, hits, etc., then your best bet is by writing well-crafted COMMERCIAL songs.

Here are six simple (though not always easy) ways to make your songs more commercial.





Write Uptempo

Learn to write tempo!  If you don’t believe how important this is, count the ballads on the radio for an hour.  Or listen to a few of the current top albums and count the ballads.

Knock, knock.  Who’s there?  Math.  Math, who?  Math says they cut a lot more uptempo and midtempo that ballads.


Write Positive

If you’re like me, your natural inclination is to write sad/negative.  When I come up with a hook, my first instinct is something sad.  Maybe for some reason pain is just more interesting that happiness.  But not for radio.  Radio likes happy.

Knock, knock…


Write From The Me-to-You Point Of View

“I love you” is just more emotionally powerful than “he loves her.”  The artist wants to connect with the audience, and “I” to “you” is a good way to do that.


Write About Love

Love is a deep need.  It’s often our greatest joy and our sharpest pain.  Nothing is more universal.


Write In The Moment

The present tense- right now- has more power than the past or the future.  “You’re killing me in that sundress” usually beats “you were killing me in that sundress.”  There’s power in the present.


Write With Imagery

Don’t tell me how you feel – show me.  After all, there are only so many emotions.  But there are endless ways to put those emotions into pictures.

There are obviously many hits that weren’t written in the way I’ve described.  But, from both my experience and observations, writing songs with these six qualities as your default setting will increase the commercial appeal of your songs.


brent baxterBrent Baxter is a songwriter with cuts by Alan Jackson, Lady Antebellum, Randy Travis, Joe Nichols, Lonestar, Ray Stevens, Andy Griggs, Ruthie Collins, Buddy Jewel, Steve Cropper, and Gord Bamford.

He’s also a songwriting coach at Check out Brent’s newest free eBook How A Songwriting Coach Can Fast Track Your Success.

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