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Story Behind “God Made Girls” & “Mean To Me”

Story Behind “God Made Girls” & “Mean To Me”

Story Behind The Song

Songwriters: Rae Lynn, Lori McKenna, Nicolle Galyon & Liz Rose

This song originally started out from a title in Nicolle Galyon’s notebook: “God Made a Farmer.” The phrase came from a Dodge Ram commercial! During their conversation around titles, it morphed into “God Made Girls.”



Starter lines included: “Somebody’s gotta turn off the lights/Somebody’s gotta tuck them in at night.”  They didn’t make it into the final version of the song, but created the structure for the anaphora device, repeating “somebody’s gotta…”throughout the verses.

Each verse is built around a set of observations that typify the differences between men and women, but in the end, are things women do that inspire their men to be better partners in life.

According to the writers, “The chorus was the difficult part.  The word ‘girls’ doesn’t rhyme with a whole lot of other words, and they couldn’t seem to make it work.  The key came when they decided to just repeat the ‘God made girls’ line five times every time the chorus rolls around.



“Mean To Me”

Songwriters: Brett Eldredge & Scooter Carusoe



“I wanted to write a song telling someone, ‘If I could mean half as much as you mean to me, that would be amazing,” he said. ‘Just describing these wonderful things that are special in this world. ‘If I could be the fire in your firefly. If I could be the name that changes yours. If I could be the faith that sets you free. The answer to your prayers.’ The real special things in life. If I could be that, then I’d be what you mean to me.” – Brett Eldredge




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