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Texas Music Chart APR 5 2015

Texas Music Chart APR 5 2015

Week Ending April 5th

For the full Texas Music Chart Top 50, visit The Chart.

Wade Bowen and Mike Ryan hold onto their spots this week with a couple of great songs: Bowen’s “West Texas Rain” and Ryan’s “Wasting No More Whiskey”.

Casey Donahew Band takes over the #3 spot from Cody Canada and The Departed with “Not Ready To Say Goodnight.”

Micky & The Motorcars jump from #8 into the #5 position with “Long Road To Nowhere” – leaving last weeks #5 Granger Smith’s “Bury Me In Blue Jeans” out of the Top 5 and all the way down to #14.

This week’s One-2-Watch (O2W) is Zane Williams’ “Jayton And Jill”  up to #10 after only 6 weeks on the Texas Music Chart. What I love about this song is it was derived from a random word list provided by Zane’s fans on his regular Music Monday videos.

Check out the Music Monday video from 8 months ago when Zane originally did the song.


Texas Music Chart Top 5


TW LW Artist/Song/Label
1  1 Wade Bowen  West Texas Rain (Lightning Rod Records) 
2  2 Mike Ryan  Wasting No More Whiskey (MR) 
3  4 Casey Donahew Band  Not Ready To Say Goodnight (Almost Country) 
4  3 Cody Canada and the Departed  Inbetweener (Underground Sound) 
5  8 Micky & The Motorcars  Long Road To Nowhere (Smith Ent.) 


Top Texas Music Chart Movers


Randy Rogers & Wade Bowen “Standards”    LW 31  |  TW 17   (+14)

Asleep At The Wheel “Bob Wills Is Still The King”    LW 33  |  TW 22   (+11)

Clayton Gardner “Buy You A Drink”    LW 32  |  TW 24   (+8)

Mario Flores “Loves Done Got Me”    LW 30  |  TW 23   (+7)

James Lann “Let It Rain”    LW 37  |  TW 30   (+7)

Zane Williams “Jayton And Jill”    LW 16  |  TW 10   (+6)

Jake Ward “Ignorant Bliss”    LW 41  |  TW 35   (+6)


SongChops One-2-Watch (O2W) Pick


Zane Williams “Jayton And Jill”   Spins +176




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