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Zane Williams: Word Challenge Exercise

Zane Williams: Word Challenge Exercise

Think songwriting prompts and exercises can’t turn into something good?

Zane Williams shows you how he took some fan suggestions as a song prompt and turned it into a challenge for himself as part of his Music Mondays video series.

This song was written over eight months before it became a #1 radio hit on the Texas Music Chart.

Pretty cool for a simple song prompt and songwriting exercise!


Zane Williams’ Social Song Prompt You Can Do With Your Fans!


He asked his fans via Facebook and twitter for random words . . .

. . . he selected 10 (not the easiest ones either) and used them in a song.

The words he selected?

  • roller skates
  • 121 North
  • Bear Cats
  • Jill
  • oil
  • Ephesians
  • Jayton
  • sassparilla
  • flambouyant
  • 4th of July

While roller skates didn’t make it into the song, he managed the rest!


This is the song Zane Williams ended up with: “Jayton And Jill” – plus a free guitar lesson!

Zane Williams “Jayton And Jill”




Zane Williams’ Guitar Lesson for “Texas Like That”


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