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Zane Williams: Word Challenge Exercise

Zane Williams: Word Challenge Exercise

Think songwriting prompts and exercises can’t turn into something good?

Zane Williams shows you how as part of his Music Mondays video series.

This song was written over 8 months ago, and is now a single on the Texas Music Chart.

Pretty cool for a songwriting exercise.


Zane Williams’ Songwriting Exercise:

He asked his fans for random words . . .

. . . he selected 10 (not the easiest ones either) and used them in a song.

The words he selected?

  • roller skates
  • 121 North
  • Bear Cats
  • Jill
  • oil
  • Ephesians
  • Jayton
  • sassparilla
  • flambouyant
  • 4th of July

While roller skates didn’t make it into the song, he managed the rest!


This is the song Zane Williams ended up with: “Jayton And Jill” – plus a free guitar lesson!

Zane Williams “Jayton And Jill”




Zane Williams’ Guitar Lesson for “Texas Like That”


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