Nouns and verbs are powerful elements of a song.  Create your own song prompt with a NOUN + VERB combination that surprises you!

If you really want to push your creative thinking, then start putting together words that don’t logically go together.  This one is a Noun+Verb Mashup.

As an ongoing exercise, keep an excel worksheet with columns for nouns, verbs and adjectives. Now mix and match whenever you need a creative jolt!

I’ve included an example of how to use the list of ten below (my work in italics below each step).


How To Create Your Own Song Prompts!


1  Choose a noun and pair it with a verb down the list


Ghost Tumble(s)

Ghost Crack (careful . . . )

Ghost Remember(s)

Ghost Trace


2  Think about what the combo means: write a sentence or a short paragraph defining it


A ‘ghost trace’ is the essence of someone left behind. The thing we see when we’re in the park and just for a second, catch a glimpse of them, but then remember they’re gone from the earth.


3  Change your verbs to match the noun and context


I’m good!


4  Now do a 90 second object write using the prompt (stop at 90 sec.)


Walking in the park yesterday I strolled past the tree we carved our name in that winter when it was empty and no one else could see. I ran my hand over the bark and for a second could feel you right beside me – your breath in my ear, warm and soft. Heard you whisper my name – but I knew you weren’t there – just a ghost trace.

But it’s the feeling that keeps me going each day. A presence that I see here an there. On the street, in your nieces and nephews, in the old coffee mug in the cupboard chipped on the lip – you never let me throw it away. STOP


Your Turn!


Ghost Tumble
Fan Crack
Lighter Remember
Winter Trace
Bullet Grow
Dog Pull
Umbrella Stride
Motorcycle Scream
Ice Cream Cone Heave
Faucet Wave


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