How Was Your Weekend?


We hear it all the time on Monday at work – “How was your weekend?”

So why not make it a prompt?


1  Take 2 – 5 minutes and quickly jot down what happened to you during your weekend, or last weekend, or the past several days.

  • Make the list quick and bulleted
  • Cover as many days as you’d like
  • You’ll end up with a chronology of what you were doing


2 Choose one moment from the chornology that peaks your interest.  Focus on every detail for about 3 minutes and write it out:

  • Who did you talk to? Was it pleasant? A fight?
  • What did you eat? What did it smell/taste like?
  • What was going on around you? Interesting people? scenery?
  • Goal: take note of how you felt at different points and see if you can spot any themes.
  • Write down any themes that surface.



Because this is a chronology, you can use this prompt as part of a larger exercise and complete a song.

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