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SBTS: “She Wouldn’t Be Gone”

SBTS: “She Wouldn’t Be Gone”
Story Behind The Song


What’s the story behind Blake Shelton’s #1 hit (2009) “She Wouldn’t Be Gone”?

I’ve compiled several interviews into a single mashup that includes how the idea got started, how it got cut, and how the two even met for a co-write appointment one month later that led to the song.

The two songwriters, Jennifer Adan and Cory Batten, had never written together before this was their first song.


Q  How Did The Song Idea Start?


Jennifer Adan:  We’d met at Edgehill Cafe in Nashville and we’d happened to be sitting next to some red flowers. we started small, on a “wildflower” idea, and then the song began to grow from there.

“Just like in life, it’s the little things that we sometimes fail to notice that could make the biggest difference in our lives,” Cory said, talking about the wildflower idea.


Cory Batten Talks About Writing The Hit



Q  How Did It Get Cut


Jennifer Adan:  After we wrote it, we both started pitching it around town, trying to get it heard by as many people as possible. Cory and his publisher, Kent Blazy, are the ones who got it to Scott Hendricks, who produced Startin’ Fires. He fell in love with the song, and the rest is history.


Jennifer Adan Talks About Writing The Hit



Q Was This Song Typical Of Your Writing Process?


Jennifer Adan: I honestly do not have a method. It can be an idea I have about something I am excited about or something someone else brings, but I never know the direction when I start. In this case we both had some ideas, but we just were not feeling anything on either idea and Cory started out with the flower and it grew from there. I love it when you can have a session like that.


Blake Shelton: “She Wouldn’t Be Gone”



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