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No Time For Songwriting?

No Time For Songwriting?

One of the biggest reasons for not writing songs is time.

We all have lives that pull us into the day-to-day minutia that seems to drain away our creativity.

But what if you don’t need a full three hours of silence to keep your songwriting going each day? Or even two?

What if you could start 5 songs right now to add to your notebook and only spend 2 minutes on each?

That’s 10 minutes out of your day to get 5 song ideas down!


No Time For Songwriting?


1  Pick a person you see at the grocery store, bank, work, coffee shop (your normal day), and take 2 minutes to write “their story.” You can use some of the questions below to get you going.

(Recording on your phone is fine – if it’s good enough for an Adele #1, it works for me!)

  • You noticed them for a reason, what was it?
  • Describe what stands out about them


2  What sounds do you hear around you? If you string them together, does it create a melody – or at least a rhythm?  Hum it out loud and record it.


3  Pull out some old or unfinished songs.

  • Take 1 minute to shuffle through them – anything catch your attention (title, line, verse, chorus)?
  • Pull it aside and take 1 minute to free flow an idea – just write for one minute about whatever you were attracted to


4  Write down at least one “line” you hear someone else say during the day. It doesn’t need to be a hook or a line that ends up in a song – just write down a cool sounding line.

  • Maybe you liked the rhythm of it – record that into your phone
  • If it was a phrase, what does it mean to you?


5  Note someone’s emotional response to something. Write down 5 adjectives, synonyms, nouns or verbs that tie to the emotion based on the moment.


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