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Texas Music Chart FEB 10 2017

Texas Music Chart FEB 10 2017

Texas Regional Radio Chart: week ending 2/10/17

Aaron Watson holds onto #1 for the second week with “Outta Style.”  Randy Rogers Band’s “Tequila Eyes” moves into the #2 spot, dropping Curtis Grimes from the second spot down to #5 this week.

Out of the Top 20:  Josh Ward’s former #1 “Broken Heart”.

New on the chart this week:  Junior Gordon’s “I’m Breaking In” (#20) up from #22.

We’ve got the Top 20 videos from the Texas Regional Radio Chart so you can keep track of your local Texas touring artists!


Texas Music Chart Top 20


TW LW Trend Artist/Song
1  1 chart button “Outta Style”  Aaron Watson
2  3 chart button “Tequila Eyes” Randy Rogers Band
3  4 chart button “Live It While You Got It” Josh Abbott Band
4  5 chart button “13 Years” Sundance Head
5  2 chart button “From Where I’m Standing” Curtis Grimes
6 7 chart button “New Hometown” Mike Ryan
7  10 chart button “Homesick Crazy” Matt Kimbrow
8  12 chart button “July” Dalton Domino
9 13 chart button “Come As You Are” Turnpike Troubadours
10  6 chart button “Texas Forever” Kevin Fowler
11  14 chart button “Hard Livin’ Illene” Randall King (feat. Cleto Cordero)
12  17 chart button “Forever Today” Reckless Kelly
13  15 chart button “Shadow Of A Broken Heart” Brandon Jenkins
14  8 chart button “Old Fashioned” William Clark Green
15  20 chart button “Bridge” Mark McKinney
16  16 chart button “Runaway Train” Shane Smith & The Saints
17  11 chart button “The Ride” Deryl Dodd
18  19 chart button “Should’ve Been Mine” TJ Broscoff
19  9 chart button  “Second Hand Smoke” Jamie Richards
20  22 chart button “I’m Breaking In” Junior Gordon
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