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A Top 25 Songwriting Blog

A Top 25 Songwriting Blog

Thank you for your support!

I created this site back in 2009 when the internet was but a wee lass. I used blogspot and tossed out a few musings on a blog called lyrist101.

How the world has changed!

The goal of this songwriting blog is to create tools for songwriters.

Any songwriter . . . whether you’re sitting in your bedroom and journaling your most personal thoughts, aspire to bring your message to the world as a singer-songwriter, or want to write a hit for Jason Aldean, Lady Gaga or Maren Morris.

I’m passionate about songwriting because it has the ability to empower people.

And we could all use a little empowerment!

Thank you for using the tools, reading the posts and supporting the web site.

Songs make a difference. I’m glad we’re all a part of something so life changing.


What You’ll Find On The Site


Beginning Songwriter Articles  Read Now!

Intermediate Songwriter Articles  Read Now!

Advanced Songwriter Articles  Read Now!

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What You’ll Find In The Member Library


Songwriting Worksheets & Exercises  Try Now!

Part of the Free Resource Library, these worksheets will help you start a song from scratch, create new rhymes, organize your song catalogue and more.


Songwriting Guides  Try Now!

Part of the Free Resource Library, these songwriting guides provide more detail around the process of songwriting, including how to write hooks and melodies, setting goals and co-writing etiquette.


Songs Analyzed  Try Now!

Part of the Free Resource Library, we take a look at songs and why they work.  What makes them stick in your head? How does the songwriter use figurative language, chord progressions and song structure to create a hit song or an anthem that brings change to their part of the universe?


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