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How Ed Sheeran Created “Shape Of You”

How Ed Sheeran Created “Shape Of You”

How did Ed Sheeran create one of the most popular songs of 2017? A song he never even intended to sing himself!

Get into the middle of Ed Sheeran’s co-write and see the process used to get to the final version of “Shape Of You” from keyboard riff to hook change!

Ed Sheeran’s “Shape Of You” has a recurring loop that doesn’t change throughout the song, so how did he make it one of the most downloaded, streamed and heard songs of 2017?

Dynamics within the melody line and the accompanying rhythmic sounds.

Since pop songs tend to rely first on the sound created by rhythms and tempo, creating something interesting from where they originally started was a process of impatience and

You’ll also hear what happened in the co-write session that changed the song lyrically from something OK (“I’m in love with your body”) to something interesting (“I’m in love with the shape of you”).


Ed Sheeran “Shape Of You” Diary of a Song


What Happened To Create Dynamics In The Song?

This is one track through the whole song.  So how do they keep it interesting?

  • Ed Sheeran’s guitar thumping got the bass/drum bed set with an international flavor
  • His vocal goes against the laid-back rhythm by using staccato notes as the melody line
  • He pulls in an R&B feel in the chorus by stretching out the notes in the hook line
  • “Light and shade bits” – they add variety with layering and a variety of sounds


And the best part?

Ed Sheeran didn’t think the song was for him, or that it was a “hit” and had moved on to other songs.


Take away?

Write songs and put them out there.  You never know – but someone else might!


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