Texas musicians, performers and singer-songwriters have some home state support.  If you were born in or reside in Texas, you’re fortunate.

The state has realized that because the music industry accounts for about $9.6 billion in economic activity for the state of Texas. So yes – music matters!

As a result they have quite a few resources available to performers, songwriters and musicians.


Texas Accountants & Lawyers for the Arts (TALA.org)
  • Provide accounting and attorney services if you qualify
  • One annual fee for services with unlimited usage
  • $75/year per service
Texas Music Office (Gov.Texas.Gov/music)
  • Manage a database of performers searched by venues
  • Links to information like copyright, trademark searches
  • It’s free to get in the database
Texas Commission on the Performing Arts (Texas.gov)


Not Specific To Texas – But You Should Consider If You Perform


South West Regional Folk Alliance ( SWFolkAlliance.org)

If you’re a singer-songwriter this regional organization can help you create a network of like-minded performers.  It’s part of Folk Alliance International and you’ll be able to find your regional group.

SWRFA’s conference is in September in Austin each year and has coaching sessions, showcases and more to help you meet people and expand your universe.  Check it out here: SWRFA Conference.