Every song has a story behind the writing of it. The craft, the idea creation, and the minutia of working it into a song.

As songwriters, I think we’re naturally drawn to the “how” of a song’s creation – the story behind the song.  It’s the age old mystery we all want to solve for – consistently: how did someone get from point A to point B to create a hit song?

I love hearing about how a song evolved from a “sitting around” moment, or a phrase heard while standing in a check out line at Cracker Barrel!

This is one of the most iconic country hits of the past decade.


“The House That Built Me”

Songwriters: Allen Shamblin & Tom Douglas



At the original co-writing session, Allen had shown up with the title “The House That Built Me.”

They wrote around the idea and ended up with something, but not the song you heard on the radio.

About four years after the original session, Tom called Allen and said he thought there was something to a song they’d written a while back, and asked if he wanted to get together and sort out what was wrong with it.

Allen agreed, so they went back through the song with all of it’s red, underlined “concerns” and rewrote parts, finishing it.

Allen left for his annual trip to his hometown in Texas while Tom did a demo.

He gave it to 4 song pluggers, who got 4 holds. One was Blake Shelton.

Miranda Lambert heard the song because Blake picked her up from the airport and happened to have a cassette of pitch songs. She had been reminiscing about her hometown when she was on the plane, so when she heard the song, 4th one in, she knew it was for her.


Source: TasteOfCountry.com