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Elizabeth Cook “El Camino” Lyrics

Elizabeth Cook “El Camino” Lyrics

El Camino – Lyrics

Artist: Elizabeth Cook

Album: Welder (2010)

Songwriter: Elizabeth Cook

Total Time:  2:44

Structure:  V | V | CH | V | CH | V | V | CH

El Camino

I know this guy, he’s all wrong for me        [A]
He wears shirts that are trippin’ on LSD.      [A]
I must be high as a kite on diesel fumes        [B]
He got me sportin’ bell bottoms and braids to school.     [B]

I never thought he’d get this far      [C]
Certainly not in that kind of funky-ass car.       [C]
He’s been pickin’ me up everyday at the curb       [D]
In his nineteen seventy-two re-furb.       [D]

El Camino (brown and tangerine)     [E] | [A]
El Camino (drinkin’ gasoline)       [E] | [A]
El Camino (lean and obscene)       [E] | [A]
El Camino       [E]

I told him your car is creepy man,        [F]
And not in a gangsta’ kinda way, but in a PERV kinda way.        [G]
You got a lot of nerve drivin’ that kind of car        [C]
And takin me fishing out to the park.        [C]

You’re like some dude on blow in that movie Boogie Nights        [H]
And this Friday night you wanna go to the fights in your. . .        [H]

El Camino (brown and tangerine)   [E] | [A]
El Camino (drinkin’ gasoline)     [E] | [A]
El Camino (lean and obscene)     [E] | [A]
El Camino     [E]

After Saturday matinee roller derby        [I]
We went parking and things got blurry.       [I]
I thought man I can’t get much hotter       [J]
And then I caught a whiff of pina colada.       [J]

And we were making love in the disco era,       [K]
And he was Travolta and I was Farrah.       [K]
I was like, man – what is happening here?       [L]
Dude must of put a Quaalude in my beer.       [L]

And if I wake up married, I’ll have to annul it       [M]
Right now my hands are in his mullet.    [M]

In that Camino (brown and tangerine)      [E] | [A]
El Camino (drinkin’ gasoline)      [E] | [A]
Camino (lean and obscene)      [E] | [A]
El Camino      [E]

El Camino (brown and tangerine)      [E] | [A]
Camino (lean and obscene)      [E] | [A]
El Camino (drinkin’ gasoline)      [E] | [A]
El Camino (brown and tangerine)     [E]


Songwriter: Elizabeth Cook

Lyrics © 2010 Thirty One Tigers




POV | Perspective:  1st Person | Internal

BPM:   141

Times Title In Song:  16


—–    WORD COUNTS    —–


Total Word Count:  275

1 Syllable Words: 187 (68%)

3+ Syllable Words:  37 (14%)

Difficult Words: 89 (32%)

Long Words 7+ Characters: 34 (13%)

Short Words <=3 Characters: 134 (49%)




Reading Ease Score:  74.3

Reading Level:  7th Grade



Elizabeth Cook explaining the song:

“It was a very easy song to write. It was one of those, sort of, 30-minute moments, where it all came out in the order it is on the song. I was sitting in a park in East Nashville, and realized there were a lot of people out there sort of cruising around, checking each other out and stuff. It really surprised me that that was going on. It was a creepy scene, with a lot of funky cars and stuff and I just started with that first line (‘I know this guy, he’s all wrong for me’) and it all came exactly like in a record.”

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