Sometimes it’s hard to finish unfinished songs.  And, there’s nothing worse than sitting down to write and ending up with a partially completed song.

Do you have a pile of lyrics and melodies with a verse and chorus but are stuck?  Have you hit the second verse and not been able to move your song forward too many times?

If the answer is yes, here are five ways to get your songs unstuck and finish unfinished songs.

Keep Them Where You Can See Them
Out of sight is out of mind, so keep unfinished songs within reach where you can see them.

I use manila folders for my songs, with each having the song title on the tab.  Keep the folders in a folio, binder or file container so all of your unfinished songs are together.

To keep things moving, flip through the folders when you sit down to write to see if any of them strike you as “hmmm, you know what would work better on that one.” You never know.  Give your brain a second chance!


Don't Be Afraid To Change An Idea 180 Degrees
Songs often get stuck because they are a poor fit for the song idea created.  In other words, you have the song embarking down a path that just doesn’t work.  That’s OK.  Experimentation is part of the song writing process.

So how do you start your song on a different song idea path?

What’s the opposite of what you were originally thinking for the song? Ask the speaker in the song a question like – OK, so what happened next? Or, “how did that make you feel about them” – you get the idea.

Engage the speaker in the song vs. being the clever writer.  Once you know what the speaker’s thinking or doing, then be the writer to present it in a compelling way.


Change The Point of View
Go back to basics and try using a different point of view.

If you’ve written the song in first person (I), try direct address (you) or even third person (s/he).