Finding Inspiration is a hard thing to come by sometimes.

To help inspire you, try some unconventional sources – your photos, a dictionary or some online image searches!

STEP 1: Pick up a dictionary or thesaurus (or head online).  Randomly choose a word, or a few words, and an image from your photos or off Google images.

What do they mean for you? Do they remind you of something, someone, a memory?

STEP 2: Start writing whatever comes into your head, and don’t think about what you’re trying to say – just write for 15 minutes.


STEP 3: What’s on the page?¬† Read through it and underline anything that makes you think “hmmm, that’s interesting” or “that sounds different”.

I keep a list of words handy that just sound interesting, then rummage through them from time to time.

Below are some random inspiration searches t help get you started. Just click, scroll and select, and start writing!



Inspiration Writing Prompts

Choose one or combine:

Quill Salsa
Neck Tie Cracking
Apple Remembrance
Pencil Malaise
Button Flatter
Thumb Tack Transcend
Umbrella Cinnamon
Motorcycle Sassafras
Ice Cream Cone Barnacle
Faucet Generate

While inspiration can be elusive, you can find ways to kick start it!