Because starting a song is the hardest thing to do, having a ready-made bucket of ideas, thoughts, observations, lines, hooks and cool words is one of the best things you can do for yourself,

Sure – you can talk into your phone or leave your ideas scattered all over your digital footprint, but a notebook is easy to keep with you, and studies show that the act of writing allows you to retain more information. And besides, it’s an excuse to buy office supplies!

TO START: Grab a notebook and . . .

  • Start capturing interesting phrases you hear, thoughts you have and things that make you go hmmmm
  • Do it consistently for a week – book goes with you every where
  • In week 2, go back and write for 10 minutes about each of the phrases or hooks you wrote down
  • If you wrote down a song idea in week 1, then create the hook for the idea
  • Now just keep doing it!
  • To put your notebook into action see the full article Songwriting Notebook