Tempo Change With Drum Tracks Songwriting Exercise

Jul 25, 2021 | Exercises

Free drum tracks with no augmentation are a great way to change up your songwriting.

They’re also a fantastic way to practice accompaniment in a song, getting down a new groove if you’re a guitar player, writing something outside the box or just getting better with your timing and ability to play with a drummer.

I’ve also added a virtual metronome at the bottom of the page in case you want something to practice with on a regular basis. Timing matters when you’re delivering a song, as well as how you use tempo to create intentional differentiation with half-time or other tempos in different song parts like your verse and chorus.


50 BPM Straight Drum Track


60 BPM Straight Drum Track


60 BPM 7/8


70 BPM Straight Drum Track


70 BPM Playlist – From Metronome to Reggae Tracks


80 BPM Straight Drum Track

80 BPM 7/8


90 BPM Straight Drum Track

90 BPM Drum Track Playlist




100 BPM Straight Drum Track

100 BPM Drum Track Playlist

Various BPM Shuffle & Straight Shuffle Drum Track Playlist


100 BPM Groove, New Orleans Funk & Funk Drum Track


120 BPM 7/8 Beat Drum Track


Just want a metronome?


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