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Nashville Number System Made Easy

Nashville Number System Made Easy

If you’ve recorded in Nashville, you’ve run into the Nashville Number System.

While I could explain it here, there are quite a few resources that can do it much better. So instead, I’ve gathered up some online tools, books and videos to help you understand how the Nashville Number System works.

To get started, I’d recommend just getting a solid grasp of the basics.

Wikipedia will give you a solid background on the topic: Nashville Number System.

But what if you’re not hanging around Nashville?

Well, the Nashville Number System is pretty handy to help you understand chord progressions and find new ones from songs already out there. It’s a great way to break down a song for easy conversion to another key.  It also gives you a quick visual, so you can see if you’re using the same progressions all the time!

The chart below gives you the full numbering system.

It’s also handy for composition, particularly when you’re searching for chords within a key. While you may already have a chord chart, this will get you used to how Nashville will interpret your song’s structure and chord arrangement.


nashville number system


Now for some lessons from the pros.


Chas Williams Video: Nashville Number System


Online Resources For The Nashville Number System:


Nashville Number System Books:


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