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Empowering Songwriters

About song chops

The world is absolutely a better place with more songs in it!

Teaching songwriting, mentoring other songwriters and providing the tools and encouragement for a songwriting community to prosper is what we’re all about.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been doing it for awhile, our mission is to provide every person who has ever wanted to write a song the opportunity to learn how to do it.

You’ll find free tools here to help you not only get started, but grow as well. And, if you’d like to support our mission, please check out our donation page.

Any support is always appreciated.


We’re not just talking about songwriting and stage performance – we live it. While we perform as a duo, we both also perform live in our own duo, as solo artists and as musicians for hire (the work is slow for a trumpet or trombone player though). I’ve grabbed a few of our songs as Amelia Earhart Returns and as part of my first solo project Seco Sessions.


Not only do we perform on our own project, but we also head out to Nashville every now and again. While we demo songs in various studios just to make sure we can bring you good industry information, we also do music production for Texas artist pitching and demos. You can hear a few below.

Get to Know the Faces Behind Song Chops

We’re passionate about songwriting and dedicated to helping you succeed.

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amelia earhart returns
Our Amerigrass Duo