songwriting worksheets


Songwriting worksheets aren’t about doing homework.

They’re about helping you get started on a song, move faster through a song, check to make sure your song is telling the right story in the best way. Giving yourself feedback when you’ve got no one around is also a great songwriting worksheet to have around.

These worksheets will help you gain knowledge and confidence when it comes to how to write a song. They’ll also help you get organized from the ideation process all the way through to pitching your songs, recording them and playing out.

We’ve separated our songwriting worksheets into three categories to make it easier to select the one you need “in the moment”: (1) Basic Song Craft, (2) Leveling Up A Your Songs, and (3) Stay Organized & Motivated.

And, in case you get stuck with any of the terminology, you can get to the songwriting glossary with a simple click!

Basic Song Craft

Level Up Your Songs

Stay Organized & Motivated

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