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5 Step System For Songwriting Success

An easy approach to start writing songs today! Combine with the Song Builder Template and the Songwriting Process Template as a starter kit!

Simple Song Builder Template!

Everything you need to get your song’s story and structure into a clear message. After all, you have a reason for telling the story.

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This easy-to-follow infographic will help you get from the beginning to the end of a song.  We’ll also show you exactly how to implement each part!


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Travis Meadows “Pontiac”

Travis Meadows “Pontiac”

If you want to start with something that's true, one of the best songwriting mentors you can look to is Travis Meadows. He has a way of writing about his experiences that brings others in and not only reveals a bit about himself, but also creates a perspective for how...

Ghost Songs: Lyrics First

Ghost Songs: Lyrics First

Using someone else's song to help you get started isn't cheating, and it's not copyright infringement unless you don't change it significantly. So, for the Ghost Songs Lyrics exercise, make sure you change the song you started with to get going. A good test? Can...

How To Write Song Lyrics: Number of Lines

How To Write Song Lyrics: Number of Lines

I got a question from one of the SongChops Members asking how to write song lyrics, and the number of lines in a verse, chorus and bridge in particular. What a great question - and one I realize I've never actually covered! So, how many lines should you have in your...

Finding Inspiration Around You

Finding Inspiration Around You

Finding Inspiration is a hard thing to come by sometimes. To help inspire you, try some unconventional sources - your photos, a dictionary or some online image searches! STEP 1: Pick up a dictionary or thesaurus (or head online).  Randomly choose a word, or a few...

Kenny Chesney “American Kids”

Kenny Chesney “American Kids”

I once heard someone say there are three kinds of songs: Ballads, Dancers and Anthems. This one is definitely an anthem. "American Kids," written by Rodney Clawson, Shane McAnally and Luke Laird, is a celebration of being a kid in a small town - and by the end - any...

‘Mama’s Broken Heart’ (II)

‘Mama’s Broken Heart’ (II)

Part 2 of the post "Mama's Broken Heart" (I) Written by Brandy Clark, Shane McAnally and Kacey Musgraves   Rhyme Scheme & Lyrics   Rhyme scheme in the song is a relatively simple quatrain (A/B/A/B, C/D/C/D, etc.) for the verses and "heroic couplets" for...

“Mama’s Broken Heart” (I)

“Mama’s Broken Heart” (I)

Three terrific songwriters: Brandy Clark, Shane McAnally and Kacey Musgraves took an age-old story line (mother / daughter "you listen here little missy! Act like a lady!") and found a unique way to tell the daughter's story of rebellion. Miranda Lambert's vocal...

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