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6 Tips For Using A Song Critique Service

Feedback Is Critical To Growing

Why a service in addition to your peers? Industry professionals staff legitimate services. It doesn’t mean you should incorporate everything they say – ultimately, it’s your song and in the end decisions are yours.

Keep in mind, these services won’t write a song for you, so make sure you send a song which is pretty well grounded in the basics of songwriting to get the most from the critique. Local groups and online forums can help get you here.

6 Tips For Using A Song Critique Services


1  Make sure you have the proper elements (MP3, matching lyric sheet) before you start the ball rolling. There’s nothing worse than paying for everything then realizing you went the wrong files.


2  Don’t expect a critique service to fix your song. They’re not co-writers. They’re providing insight into how a song might progress, lyrics to try, or put a big red circle around a stagnant melody line.


3  Be open to the ideas and thoughts you get back. You should have the expectation of doing some additional work when the feedback returns in an effort to create the best song possible.


4  What you should expect is some time spent on your song. You should never get back something from a service just saying they didn’t like it – not really a critique or a service in my book!


5  Choose someone you feel you can trust. This is a key component since you’ll need to decide if their thoughts help your song. If you don’t trust the feedback, it’s unlikely you’ll make changes to the song. Alternatively, if you trust the source, you’re more likely to be open to some changes you may not accept from others.


6  I also like the critique service to have a face or at worst, an anonymous face I know comes back to real people, like NSAI’s evaluation service. I know it’s a person critiquing my songs who has industry experience.


Recommended Critique Services


Kim Copeland Productions
I’ve used Kim Copeland’s song critique services for a number of years. Once critiqued, if you decide to create a demo with Kim, she’ll apply the critique price to the demo session – pretty nice.

She has an excellent reputation in Nashville – and as a bonus she’s a good person. Another plus is her ability as an independent producer to hear how a song might demo. This will save you time and money as you approach the demo phase of your songs.

The cost is minimal ($41.60 all in) for the level of feedback you’ll receive. She’s also very timely and will often give you some line substitution ideas in addition to suggesting that the line need to change.


Nashville Songwriter's Association International
NSAI offers critique and pitch services as part of your membership. You should consider attending some meetings in your area and take a look at this comprehensive member organization.

The critiques are completed by industry professionals and range from beginner feedback to commercial song critiques that give you direct feedback on how to make the song better for pitches to publishers.


If you’re not sure you’ve got a sound structure and the basics of song craft, review the basics first:


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