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Share Your Original Songs!

Share Your Original Songs!

Revised 6/5/14


Get your online music creation hook up through several cool sites that allow you to share your original songs. There are several sites that aren’t the big names for distribution that allow you to collaborate with others or use as a repository for sharing out if you’re co-writing.

Collaboration is a key component of creating songs outside of your normal style, and expanding your wheelhouse!


Sharing Your Original Songs & Collaboration


If you’re a songwriter, and are looking for some collaboration, here are a few options:

  • – clearly the leader now, and not really about collaboration, but handy tools to share your songs on your own web site via their widget.
  • – one of my favorites, there’s a place for everyone. If you’re a songwriter, join the “songwriter exspress” group. Once a member you can also join projects or begin your own.
  • SoundCloud – this site is pretty slick. You can exchange music with others via personal drop boxes (not the widget on this blog), and you can comment on a track within the wave form. You can also use it to post to social networks.
  • – for writing in general, but they do have a song lyrics discussion group. Very non-threatening way to put some things out there and get feedback.
  • Rifflet – have an old song scrap you’re not using? Place it here and let others use your work to complete their projects.
  • Google docs – yes, Google can help you co-write! Use Google docs as a way to share lyrics with co-writers in a quick and easy platform. It becomes your central location for your collaboration.


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  1. This is actually quite an impressive list of online resources. I had no idea that there was so many opportunity to collaborate online.

    I was only recently commenting to a friend that there used to be so many live bands playing in every city, but now not so much. The musicians are still out there….now I know where they are!

    Excellent post!

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