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NPR Project Song: Chris Walla & J. Robbins

NPR Project Song: Chris Walla & J. Robbins

Project Song documents the songwriting process over the course of two days.

All songs created as part of the project are based on an image (usually a photograph), and a word.

Interesting to see the process happen with these kinds of starters, and a great way to create an exercise for yourself!

Chris Walla, founder of Death Cab for Cutie, was asked to participate – but choose a co-writer.  Co-writing is tricky, there’s often a chemistry required, and if the chemistry is off, nothing happens.

He chose J. Robbins of Jawbox. They had never written together –  or even met prior to the project beginning. Together they created “Mercury,” a song inspired by the word “cerebral” and the photo Black Dog’s Retreat by Tom Chambers (2002).


Chris Walla & J. Robbins Project Song

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