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Writing Lyrics Using Objects Around You

Writing Lyrics Using Objects Around You
Object Writing

Inspiration is sometimes a hard thing to come by.

To help move things along, try challenging yourself with an unconventional source – your photos and a dictionary.

Pick up a dictionary or thesaurus (or head online).  Randomly choose a word, or a few words, and an image from your photos or off Google images.

What do they mean for you? Do they remind you of something, someone, a memory?

Start writing whatever comes into your head, and don’t think about what you’re trying to say – just write for 15 minutes.


What’s on the page?¬† Read through it and underline anything that makes you think “hmmm, that’s interesting” or “that sounds different”.

I keep a list of words handy that just sound interesting, then rummage through them from time to time.

I’ve included some photos and words to help get you going:












Object Writing Prompts
Quill Salsa
Neck Tie Cracking
Apple Remembrance
Pencil Malaise
Button Flatter
Thumb Tack Transcend
Umbrella Cinnamon
Motorcycle Sassafras
Ice Cream Cone Barnacle
Faucet Generate


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