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Organizing & Storing Your Songs

Organizing & Storing Your Songs

Organizing your songs, keeping them catalogued and making sure you have your electronic files stored and backed up properly are important, especially in this day and age.

In addition to your own computer filing system, as well as a back up device like a Lacie 1TB unit, you should consider putting your “working on” tracks and your final song versions on a cloud-based site. This allows for easy retrieval them when you’re out and about (never know when you’ll run into someone who’d love to hear one), co-writing or just working on your songs somewhere and only have your phone or maybe someone else’s computer.


Storing Your Songs & Song Ideas

#1  DropBox  (



  • Always handy since it connects to a myriad of apps
  • Free 


  • No community – just storage
  • File sizes can quickly eat up your free space
  • Sharing can be a bit clunky – requires an invitation to a folder


#2  Google Drive  (



  • Free with a gmail account
  • Always handy since it connects to a myriad of apps and ties to your email
  • A ton of extras like powerpoint, word-type functionality, spreadsheets and video chat
  • Sharing is very easy – just requires other person have a gmail address


  • No community – just storage
  • All of your files are now part of everything Google knows about you (privacy not so much)


#3  SoundCloud  (



  • Professional interface and making efforts to be more web 2.0
  • Community of writers and performers, with most songs fully produced
  • Easy user interface and dashboard for track management


  • No well-defined “groups” that are easily located when searching the site
  • Sharing is difficult and confusing for the sharer and the sharee!
  • Some genres just missing – no Americana or folk, but five niches for hip-hop and seven within electronica
  • Still in infancy in terms of figuring out their business model and fit into the music space online


#4  SoundClick  (



  • Free 


  • Sparse usage and just a bad interface
  • Appears to be a dumping ground for tracks in the hope that SEO elves move the listing up in the search engines on a nightly basis when they’re not making shoes


Organizing Your Songs & Song Ideas


I can’t stand desktop clutter and I’m a bit of a detail-oriented person, so use a very consistent system across both my desktop filing system and Dropbox.

My core folder is called “Songwriting” with sub-folders numbered and then named.

For example,

01_Songs In Progress

02_ Cowriting Projects

03_Final Versions

04_Songbook (these are mp3 & lyric sheets for songs I’ll play out)

I first created my desktop structure, then simply copied it over into DropBox.  I have an icon on my phone and laptop that allow me to drag over files and the structure is synched so a change on my laptop is reflected in my linked Dropbox account.

I use Google Drive for co-writing and place lyrics and mp3s for sharing on it.  You could also use it for file storage, but DropBox is pretty easy to synch and Google doesn’t need to have all my information!



Free downloadable spreadsheet for your song catalogue: Easy Song Catalogue


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