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Song Start: Alabama’s “Forty Hour Week”

Song Start: Alabama’s “Forty Hour Week”

Written by Dave Loggins, Lisa Silver and Don Schlitz, this #1 song and the title track on Alabama’s ninth album was their 17th hit in as many releases. This song allowed then to surpass Sonny James’ 14-year standing record.

This co-write started because Dave Loggins was looking for a sound – a fiddle sound. He asked Lisa Silver, a session player with limited songwriting experience, to co-write with him.

Their first song was “Maggie’s Dream,” later recorded by Don Williams, reaching #11 on the Billboard Hot Singles & Tracks Chart.

The song “Forty Hour Week” was their next, with the idea coming from a newspaper clipping Loggins had seen about Detroit auto workers.

His idea for the song – have a conversation with them.

Silver and Loggins got the chorus finished, and then Loggins had a realization: “My God, I’m going to have to cover everybody that pulls a shift if we do this.” He knew he’d need some lyrical help, so placed a call to Don Schlitz.

Don proceeded to spout lyrics once he’d heard the chorus – and the rest is country music history.


Alabama: Forty Hour Week  (1985)



Don Williams “Maggie’s Dream”



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