Thinking out loud to get a song started is a great way to remove yourself from your normal approach.

For example, if you always write in first person, writing in third person will give you a different perspective.

Thinking out loud is also a great way to take a current song you’re stuck on and give it a fresh start!


How To Use The Prompt

Take fifteen minutes to “free style” on the song prompt topic.

We’ve also provided a chord progression to get you started.

If you haven’t done this before, we’ve provided a step-by-step to help you use the prompts in the creation of a song.


Song Prompt:  Thinking Out Loud
  • Write a song in third person (“he/she/it”) in which the main character is thinking out loud. the story takes place over a period of time, and the scene is a specific place.
  • Who is the main character that’s “thinking out loud”?
  • Why are they talking to themselves out loud anyway?
  • Is the conversation directed more at someone else, or themselves?
  • If someone else, who?
  • Is the place warm, cold, a vacation spot, a quiet place? Be sure to describe it in detail!


Blues Chord Progression:  Key = G       I-IV-V     G-C-D

For the heck of it, throw in an Am to Em to G climb somewhere!


What’s Next?

Step 1:  write for 15 minutes on one of the items (or similar) above

Step 2:  create a song idea from the above

Step 3: use the chord progression to write around

Step 4: use a song you like to write a ghost song off of if you’re having difficulty with a melody line