Get Started With Song Plot Roulette


I thought we’d use some lists I’ve compiled from several places and categorized to give you a quick selection grid for key song elements.

Go step-by-step using the grids below, and you should have a pretty good plot outline for your lyric by the time you’ve hit the bottom of the post!


Step 1
Choose a point of view from the list below
1st Person
2nd Person 3rd Person
I – We You – You He – She – They


Step 2
Choose a Relationship the speaker has with someone else and the Life Event they share
Relationships Life Events
Son/Daughter Birth/Life
Husband/Wife Death
Grandparent Good Health
Friend Poor Health
Coworker/Neighbor Accident/Trauma
Family Member Abuse/Self Harm (e.g., Vice)
Teenager Homelessness
Parent School Life
Mother/Father Secret/Dating Life
Religious Figure Job/Work – Loss/New
Mentor Secret Life
Mistress/Secret Lover Financial Problems/Windfall
Best Friend/Confidant Arrest/Criminal Activity
Enemy/Nemesis Series Of Life Changes
Lover Nothing Ever Changes


Step 3
Choose their perspective on the event(s) & select either a positive or negative reaction. You could split the reactions to give it a twist as well!
Positive Reactions Negative Reactions
Laughter/Amusement Cries/Panics
Ecstatic/Animated/Celebratory Surprised
Steely Resolve Numb/Unfeeling
Courageous Clings To (Past, Present, etc.)
Comforting Pushes Away (Emotionally)
Cherished/Loved Violent
Helpful/Can Be Counted On Runs Away
Hard Working/Committed Isolates Themselves
Calm/Controlled Turns To A Vice
Satisfied Ignores / Pays No Attention


Step 4
Choose a point in time & a place
Present Past Future Moving
Now – Here Back Then – Ago Someday – There Between Any Of Them


Home/Away Vehicle Park/Garden Town/City
A Room Restaurant/Bar/Club Street/Road Special Place To You