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Pro Tips: Find Pro Writer Secrets In Songs

Pro Tips: Find Pro Writer Secrets In Songs

7 Steps To Finding Pro Writer Secrets In Songs

by Amanda Williams (@AmandaCWilliams)


I belong to a great online songwriting instructional site hosted by songwriter and instructor Amanda Williams called As part of the membership, there is an ongoing curriculum with a digital “semester” focusing on enhancing your skills. One of the educational units was this exercise.

Amanda’s got a great process for finding the pro writer techniques used to create them.

By finding them, you’ve now got your own source for pro writer secrets!

These same pro songwriter techniques can be employed in your own songs once you: (1) find them, and (2) understand how they make the song work so well.

Here are 7 easy steps to creating your own pro writer secrets pool!


7 Steps To Finding Pro Writer Secrets In Songs


For #2 – #7 it’s important you write out your answers.  Keep a separate document for each song so you can reference them later as you’re writing or working on your own songs.

Listen to the song all the way through
Write a unity statement
This is a brief description of what the song is about as a whole including its theme
Identify the characters and key incidents
Who’s the speaker and why are they talking? Who are the main characters? What are the big events that happen?
Chart out the rhyme scheme/pattern
You’re looking for the end- and internal rhyme patterns.
Songwriter Glossary
Write down any strong imagery, repetition, personification, metaphors, similes, etc.
Write out your opinion of the song
Do you like the song? Dislike the song? Or are indifferent? What are your reasons why?
What effect if any does this song have on you?
How does it make you feel? What does it make you think about? Is there a connection made?


Amanda recently did an analysis of the Eric Church’s “Talladega” and gracefully agreed to allow me to share it on SongChops as an example of how to use her 7 Step Song Analysis process.


Song Analysis by Amanda Williams (Guest Post)


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amanda williamsAmanda Williams, whose songwriting credits include “She’s Tired of Boys” co-written with Garth Brook on his latest album, is the owner of Hillbilly Culture LLC.  She not only maintains an online teaching program for songwriting and music business development, but also conducts seminars and conferences. Consider joining her community of songwriters and music business professionals, aka Songpreneurs, at!


  1. Thanks for the post, Linda! I love what you’re doing over here on SongChops, and think it’s really cool that we can join forces to spread the good songwriting word. You are greatly appreciated. :)

    • Sure thing! I’m glad to be part of the community and help where I can! And thanks for the site – great stuff there and the lessons are a terrific way to learn great songwriting craft.

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