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Song Prompt: Write A Book

Song Prompt: Write A Book

A song prompt is a starter. It’s a way to get to a song vs. a song assignment.

Don’t get bogged down in delivering exactly what the prompt outlines. This is about jogging your brain and getting the creativity going, so have fun!

If you end up going off the marked path – that’s OK.

Your song idea is probably telling you something you shouldn’t ignore!


How To Use The Prompt To Start A Song:


Take fifteen minutes to “free style” on the song prompt topic.

We’ve also provided a chord progression to get you started.

If you haven’t done this before, we’ve provided a step-by-step to help you use the prompts and work through the creation of a song.


Song Prompt:  Write A Book
  • Write a song about some aspect of a book.

It can be:

  1. The dedication of the book
  2. A single chapter in a book
  3. The whole book as a sequence, e.g., chapter 1, chapter 2
  4. A page or a component like the cover, a paragraph or a sentence
  5. A genre or type of book, e.g., the good book, a comic book, a notebook, a scrap book
  • Who is the main character what’s their connection to “the book”?
  • What is the drama associated with the “book” – i.e., the tension?
  • Why is the book so important anyway? Does that create some of the tension/drama?
  • Is the story being told to someone, being remembered, or taking place now?
  • Where does all of this take place?
  • Is the place warm, cold, a vacation spot, a quiet place, someone’s room, a bar? Be sure to describe it in detail!


Prompt Chord Progression:

Key = D

Verse:  D – Em – G – A  (I-II-IV-V)

Chorus:  C – Bm – G   (bVII-IV-IV)


Need more chord progression to choose from? Chart and common chord progressions.


What’s Next?

Step 1:  write for 15 minutes on one of the items (or similar) above

Step 2:  create a song idea from the above

Step 3: decide on your song plot and key song plot elements

Step 4: use the chord progression to write around

Step 5: use a song you like to write a ghost song off of if you’re having difficulty with a melody line


Great Example of a Song About A Book!

Elvis Costello “Everyday I Write The Book”


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