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Story Behind The Song “I Run To You”

Story Behind The Song “I Run To You”

There’s always a story behind the song, and often you don’t get to hear it. For songwriters, it’s always great to find out what inspired a song, how the songwriters worked through writing it, and of course where did it end vs. where it started.

This is the story behind the song “I Run To You” from the perspective of songwriter Tom Douglas.  The excerpt below is shortened, edited version of the full article available on


The Story Behind The Song “I Run To You”


In the fall of 2007, songwriters Dave Haywood and Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum got together with hit songwriter Tom Douglas.

Tom Douglas has penned hits as the co-writer on Miranda Lambert’s “House That Built Me,” “Raise ‘Em Up” and most recently Tim McGraw’s “Meanwhile Back At Mama’s.”

This is how he saw the song unfold.


Story Behind The Song Idea


Tom Douglas:  “We got together at my house. We’d never met before, although I’d certainly heard their demos and knew they were real singers and songwriters. When you write with artists like that, they’re looking for certain slots for certain songs.

Dave and Charles are great writers, and we just started kicking around the idea. I’m not sure who had the idea — it might have been me, because I had run in a race a few days before we got together. There was a guy running in front of me, and he had this thing on his T-shirt that said “I run this town.”

I put that idea in the back of my mind. I told them about the T-shirt because I thought it was an interesting concept — I run. So then we started talking about ‘I run this’ and ‘I run that.'”



Story Behind The Song Lyrics & Strong Words


Tom Douglas:  “There are some words in the song like “pessimist,” “prejudice” and “hate” a lot of artists would be reluctant to use. Even though they roll off the tongue, they’re kind of message-y.

. . . Most people will tell you to write for the quintessential guy on the bar stool, and not get above his head. I think that guy is a lot smarter than we give him credit for.”


Story Behind The Song Recording Vs. Demo


Tom Douglas:  “I was knocked out because of the unusual approach of the introduction and the B-3 organ. The whole thing is a different-sounding record to me, but that is the magic of Paul Worley.

The song sounded nothing like the demo. It was a good song, but Paul made it a great record.”


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