You’ve heard of a parts car – so why not have parts songs?

One of the best ways to give yourself permission to pull a line you love from a song is to keep – just not in that song.

I’ve got several songs where the song itself isn’t working very well, but there are several lines in it I like.

I use those songs as “parts songs.”

On occasion, I take lines or ideas out of them and use them in a different song.

This usually happens with highly personal songs I’ve written. I’ll use elements in songs I’ trying to write for a more commercial audience.

No sense in wasting good lines!


Example Of A Parts Song


Here are some lyrics from some by-gone era (1998 or so):




Snapshot –  she’s in a field of heather 

She’s caught laughing at the sky above.

 Snapshot  – she’s smiling as he clicks the shutter –

She thought: we’re in love.



Snapshot – she holds him close and whispers –

 You’ve got your Daddy’s soft grey eyes .

Snapshot – small hands hold her finger –

She thought: you’ve changed our lives.


Clearly this would be about selfies and iPhones now, but – point is – I didn’t throw it away.

I’ve highlighted a couple of things I thought were interesting so I can quickly reference them later.

I also made sure I transferred anything that might be handy at a later time into my notebook.

For this one, I like the song idea of someone seeing their past life through photos in a scrap book. I’ll put that one in my notebook as well.


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